All the puppies have been sold.  Check back for future litters.

Hi Lisa,

This is Lauren, Austin forwarded me your message about updating you on Brody, and I thought I would respond and include some pics! Brody has been an absolute sweetheart, and there is not a person, dog, or cat that he hasn't gotten along with yet! He has been to the vet twice now for de-wormers, vaccinations, and boosters. He will be getting neutered next month along with his round of three-month shots, but the micro-chip will be at about 6 months. He's a typical puppy, very playful and energetic and he already knows several simple commands by heart.

Anyways, I hope all is well with you, and I hope you enjoy the pics! Stay in touch.


Lauren and Austin

Hi Lisa,
Just have to brag a little. Jackson is doing a great job hunting. I am so glad Dennis is able to take him out. He loves it. He loves going to the cabin and out for runs. He is the best dog we have every had. He is so good. He has the funniest personality and keeps us laughing. Everyone loves him. My daughter in law who is scared of dogs and doesn't like them likes Jackson. He loves to us to hide his bone so he can go look for it. He won't have anything to do with it if we don't hide it. He also likes to play tricks on Dennis. If he is out working on his deer stand, Jackson will take his things and hide them. I think he doesn't like to be ignored. Just had to brag. Joyce

Hi Lisa,

FUN FUN FUN. They are both so much fun. Abbie weighed 12 pounds and Bailey weighed 11 pounds. They are growing so fast,they make me laugh everyday. We put the sprinkler up and they both loved the water. They chase birds everyday, Bailey the runt has taken to my husband Gary a lot she follows him everywhere. Abbie the orange and white girl I picked is such a lover. They both are so smart and very healthy. Everywhere I go with them, people comment how beautiful they are. Thank you will send some pictures soon. Cheri from Mpls.


Hi Lisa,

Thought I would drop you a line.  Josie is beautiful with lots of freckles. I'll see if we can email you a photo. She just got fixed and is doing great. She has a wonderful personality. She is very friendly, and sad when each of us leaves the house. She has learned a bunch of tricks for the kids. She learned her place pretty quickly and all of the kids are very good with controlling her. She is pretty easy. Great nose. I had her out two times this fall hunting.  When I get her out this fall I'll send you an update.



Sammy is doing well - she loves playing with my 5 and 6 year old.  Happy to say that there is no gun shyness at all, she gets excited when she sees a shotgun and the bang doen't seem to effect her at all.  We didn't do a lot of training last fall so I don't think she really knows what the hunting is all about yet - just that she gets to go for nice long walks in the woods.  She is making our family very happy (three of us anyway - my wife is going a little nuts with all the chewing, but she'll survive).  Thank you being in touch.
Ben Smith 

Snikker is doin great. She's gotten a lot bigger but shes still cute.  She's house broken and she has gotten the hang of the point. she knows come and whoa.  She loves rusty our older dog and it seems like rusty thinks its his baby. They do everything together.  Sniker is overall doin GREAT!!

Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how Josie is doing. She turned

one this summer and we threw a bigger party for her than me (I turned 35 the next day!). We absolutely love her. Everyone who meets her raves about her calm, well-behaved temperment. She definitely has a nose for the birds and patrols our yard to ensure none enter. Hunting should be fun for her this fall.

We hope all is well with you. I wouldn't be surprised if my sister and her soon-to-be husband contact you sometime in the future for a puppy. They love Josie and take her in whenever she needs a place to stay when we leave town.

I've attached a photo of Josie taken at my parent's lake place. She loves the lake and is a great little swimmer.

Take care,

Christy and Matt Vaillant

Dear Craig and Lisa,
I've been meaning to write you for some months now and finding your card finally made me take the time to do it.  We bought a brittany from you back in March of this year.  I believe you had named her Fez or something like that, but we changed the name to Ally.  I know she was from a litter with Gunny but I'm not recalling her mother. 
First of all, we LOVE her!!  She is just the sweetest, caring, most gentle, mild manner dog we've ever had.  She is an exceptional pointer, and we couldn't have been more pleased with her.  She was supposed to be my husband's dog, but I think I love her more than he does.  We went to a couple of training sessions with her and even the trainer was greatly impressed with her natural abilities.  Since then we have taken her on two game farms, each time she pointed AND retrievied more birds than we had placed out there!  We have so much fun with her and can't wait for pheasant season to offically start.
Here are some pictures we promised so long ago . . . I'm sorry they are so late.  We are recommending you to all of our friends and look forward to getting another dog from you again in the future.
Michele and Steve Olson

The puppies are doing great.  Both are about 35 lbs.  and full of energy.  I've had them out hunting a few times but its a poor year for birds here in Iowa.  We have some photos that I will send you as soon as I figure out how.  The puppies are still into any shoe that might be laying on the floor but they are getting better. The neighbor kids absolutely love the puppies and will even take care of them if we are gone.  We named the puppies Ginger and Smokey.  Smokey is the one that was mostly white when born.  They  both have beutiful markings.  We couldn't have picked out two better puppies.  Thanks and I'll send photos later today.

Jerry and Rose Mitchell
I have meant to send you an update on Emma for a while now but I am finally getting around to it.  Emma's now ten months old going on 5 years.  I just returned from week long trip to South Dakota where the "little dog" ran circle around her much more experienced peers.  She has found her calling in life and she is amazing at it.  Emma hunted hard for 5 days which included her first wild bird point, her first wild bird retrieve, and her first wild bird wanting to fight back retrieve.  Most impressive was her ability to find and dig out a crippled bird that 2 other "highly trained" dogs couldn't find.  She definitely is a hunting machine, I have had her out about a dozen times this season and she is improving by leaps and bounds every time.
On a personal level Emma has become a key member of our family.  Her energy matches the kids and they love to play with her.  Our oldest daughter comes home from school everyday. walks her, plays fetch, than they get their snack.  It is amazing how wonderful this dog has become part of our family.
Just on a business note the place we stayed at in South Dakota had a couple of other groups staying there.  Upon seeing Emma, hearing the stories from a prior hunt, and hunting for a couple of hours behind one of the hunters from Montana offered me $1,200 for her on the spot. Obviously, I turned the guys down but did show about 10 guys that night your website.  So, if you start to get random emails from guys from either Kalispell Montana or Ohio don't be surprised.
Hope all is well with you and your family,
Scott Welter
We finally had a chance to get Penny out at a preserve after the tough end to the pheasant season.  The whoa command was progressing well.  We put out 10 Chukars and she pointed 9/10.  10 was when she decided to get out too far. It was nice to have the birds hold so tight for her.   As far as shooting goes, we only knocked down 6 but she found them all.  She won't retrieve yet but we'll get there.  Grandpa's gun worked perfectly for Kevin.  Kenny got 2.  Here's some pics Kevin took.  She held the points.  We could get in front of her to flush the birds.  She did a little creeping to pin point the bird.  It was a good day. 
See ya Kurt


Pickle is now pointing chukar and pheasant, finding them and carrying them.  She’s been out about 3 times, finding one or two birds in 15-20 minutes each time. Every week she looks better and better. She looked like a finished dog this morning. She has a strong personality! We are really happy to have her. She enjoys playing with tennis balls in the basement with us, and also sitting on her towel spot on the couch and watching TV. Edith puts on snowshoes and takes her on walks with a long lead, and Pickle leaps through and over the powdery spots. Lots of energy and desire to hunt.  She’s become a model citizen, with us and with other dogs and new people. Also has been great at not chewing on other people’s stuff! She was spayed at 5 months, no problems of any kind. Great dog.


Jim Henden

Hi Lisa -

We are home with the puppy and she is doing great. She was intimidated by the bigger dogs for about five minutes, now is happily playing with them. She pointed quail wings this morning and retrieved a puppy sized retrieving dummy, so all is going great. We couldn't be more pleased.

Kind regards,


I wanted to update you on Max!  He is doing great, growing, happy and healthy.  The Vet was very impressed with him and told Bill he was a beautiful puppy! 
He has a great personality and loves people, loves to explore things and knows his name.  We are working on potty training, so far he is doing well. 
He sees the vet again on Saturday for a shot and I think we will micro chip him as well that day. 
Best wishes to your family from ours!  

Hi Lisa -

All is still going well with the pup, now names Sophie. She passed her checkup at the vet yesterday and they liked her so well they are featuring her photo on their website:



Hi Lisa!

Riley & Cooper are absolutely wonderful! We are having SO much fun with them. It has been a lot of work, but also an easier transition having both of them - they love playing with each other and definitely wear each other down. We have a fenced in back yard, and they love running, leaping, and galloping all over the place.

It's been great to see their personalities show more. Cooper is the easy-going adverturer, while Riley is the more high-maintenance man :) They continue to battle it out for who is the Alpha, but it seems to me that Riley is winning.

We are half-way through puppy school at PetSmart; they are so smart and very fast learners. They are fully potty-trained and doing well walking on their leashes.

I am sending some pics on Shutterfly.

Hope all is well with your family.


Amy & Steve

Hi Lisa -

I've attached a photo of Sophie on one of her backyard moth hunting adventures. She is doing very well and we couldn't be more pleased! She is calm and pleasant to be around, and very self assured - quite a sweetheart. I expect her to be a good bird dog. My hunting partner is planning to get a pup next spring and I expect that he'll be contacting you.

Kind regards,

Bill Lamberson



Thought you might enjoy a photo of Smokey and Ginger.  They have really turned out to be great.  They both have fun personalities.  Ginger seems to be the more serious one while Smokey is the ultimate puppy.  They still get along great together and really seem to like each other.They bring a lot of fun to our family as well as the neighbors on the block.  In the photo Ginger is the one with more brown markings and Smokey is more white. 

Rose and Jerry Mitchell

Hello Lisa,

This is Brad, my family is the one that got Luke "Murphy" from you. He

is doing really well with his first season of hunting. He is a well

behaved dog and listens well

He has become our third child in our family. At night when our two

daughters go to bed he knows playtime is over and he also lays down for

the night without being told. I have enclosed a photo of a recent hunt.

After he pointed, flushed, and retrieved the first bird he immediately

went right back to where the first bird was and pointed the second bird.

I wish I had a dog like Murphy years ago, because he makes hunting and

life more enjoyable for everyone around him

The Schillewaert Family

Hi Lisa,
Sending you a picture of Gauge sleeping with our 5 year old.
We went to the dog training facility on Wednesday that Gauge will be going to the end of January to check it out.
The trainer was very pleased with our pup.  He retrieves dummies, wings and frozen birds already.  The trainer said
at 12 weeks of age this is a very outstanding progress that he has made already.  He also said training him for birds and hunting should be a breeze!  He asked where we got him so I gave him your name, address and phone number.
We are very excited about him, and he has fit right in our family!
Thank you so much, and I will keep you posted on how he does after his two week course
in January.
Renee Anderson


Thought we'd send some pics of River's past year with us. She was in the woods 17 days last fall and 14 so far this fall. She is the smartest Brittany out of the 3 I've had. She's a lover and sleeps with one of us every night. Loves everyone.
If you ever need a reference feel free to use me as I have had nothing but a great experience with you and River.

Very sincerely,
Jeff & Satchel Iten



Just wanted to let you know I just got back from a SD trip and cooper was great. He founds pointed and retrieved birds.  Jenna and I are so happy with him.  We couldn’t have ask for a better dog.  I attached a couple photos from this weekends spoils for you.


Tyler Lidke

Hey Lisa,
We are great! Pepper is wonderful! I've been thinking the last few days I need to send you and update, but haven't gotten to it yet! Pepper is such a good dog and fits into our family perfect. She is such a good girl, 100% potty trained and so far hasn't chewed anything major ( though the teething is just begining so we'll see!) She is the biggest suggler and has to be suggled up to someone.  She loves the snow, but had a hard time trying to get through the 20" we got a few weeks ago! She is super smart and we can't wait to see her in the field! We love her to death, thank you for a great puppy!!! Oh and she did keep a little stripe of white on her face! She is the cutest puppy ever! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Mara Stone


I thought I would forward an email sent to my dog trainer regarding a pheasant hunting trip Sunday and Monday. Fourteen month old Tilly hunted 3 different fields (WMA's/ WIA's) a day for 2 days.

Fellow hunter Mark Strand had an 8 month old Lab and an 8 month old GSP. He rotated his dogs in shifts. He was impressed with Tilly's "birdyness", intelligence, and social behavior. His GSP was purchased from Willow Creek Kennels where Tilly was trained. Since Strand is the professional outdoor writer and photographer I will defer to his email.

Short version is that Tilly's first real wild pheasant hunting trip was a success, and I am very pleased with the dog we selected, the breeder, and the trainer.

Gunny and Trish should also get some credit.

Brian Salo

Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 2:21:17 PM
Subject: SW Minnesota report

Hey Ethan and Chad!

Brian Salo and I headed down into the Marshall, MN area for Sunday-Monday, just to see what was what.

The habitat looks really good, but the bird numbers appear to be exactly what everybody has been saying they are. In fact, I would say that we didn't see as many birds as I had thought we might, knowing the awesome dog power we had with us!

Tilly, Brian's brittany that you guys have had up for training, did really well. In fact, she pointed and caught one rooster on the ground. So we ended up firing only three shots and got four roosters.

AJ looked very good, worked hard, found one dead bird in the heavy cover, pointed several hens, and pointed his first wild rooster. It was a beauty, a three-year-old with long spurs. Beau did well, too, although he remains pretty little for his age, and did snag up in the cover at times.

Jill and I are going back down there this coming weekend, so it should be a good time. Supposed to be decent weather.

Here are some photos... thanks again for the great dogs and your innovative training methods!
Note the hats... one throwback, one current version.

-- Mark

Mark Strand
Mark Strand Outdoors